Monday, August 24, 2009

15% off on ALL items in Topshop Alabang Town Center branch from this week till Sunday August 30.

I immediately rushed there to get my jean leggings. I know, I'm such a sucker for Topshop's leggings. And I know one day these are probably gonna go on sale for 50% off and I'm going to regret it (like what happened with those liquid leggings that I bought for full price), but I just really couldnt risk it being out of stock. Especially in my size. I was actually at MOA the other day and I was asking them to call all the branches of Topshop for a size 8 (yes, unfortunately my thighs will always be a size 8) of the denim leggings and this other one but unfortunately all branches were all OUT. Lucky for me though, once I got to the branch in town, they had this design that I wanted which wasnt in the MOA branch so I reserved it and got it today :)

It's actually pretty stupid to buy on full price come to think of it. Especially at shops such as Zara, Topshop, and Mango. (MANGO most especially..:/ ) One day they're just going to have a sale and everything goes! At Mango I actually never buy unless its on sale but in Topshop, they have very limited sizes and designs which is why you'd always have to be wary when shopping there. Topshop has a ton of trends and you never know which one appeals to the market the most. Skirts there for example go away real fast and usually never reach the sales. In fact, they have a lot of items that never reach the sales so its good to really think first before letting go of something. If there were something in Topshop you should NEVER buy on full price though, it would be their DRESSES. Their dresses scream RIP OFF so I advise waiting for them to go on sale instead.


Basically, spend on stylish, unique and sometimes trendy pieces because those are the pieces that arent generic and need a lot of skill to be made. Of course, price matters, so when buying, also take the value for money into consideration.