Sunday, June 13, 2010


So this will probably be my last post in a long time since I'm already in college and I believe that I will have to devote my time to it. I'm a freshman in the University of the Philippines and I think that it will take me time to get used to everything especially since I am already dorming. School's been great so far and I am LOVING it. Of course, there are a number of (very minor) downsides to the school like unbearable heat, very long distances from building to building, not very clean washrooms, no aircon, and did I mention unbearable heat? But even so, it seems like this is what characterizes my university to be what it is. Without these, my experience in U.P would be far from what I am experiencing now. I wouldn't have a sense of fulfillment after finally reaching a certain building, I wouldn't have the senseless conversations with my friends about the heat (and pretending that it was actually cold), I wouldn't appreciate airconditioning, and I wouldn't have been able to acquire "simple joys" or what we call in Filipino "mababaw na kaligayahan."

I guess being in U.P even for just a week has already taught me many things. Everything in U.P is simple. From the food, to the utilities, to the people. It's really very humbling actually. It teaches you how to get along with all types of people and it teaches you to appreciate even the littlest things in life. It opens you up to a world where you realize what really IS important. It's funny cause when I was in highschool it was all about the trends. As students, we didnt really have much to worry about cause everything was given to us. We all had drivers who'd pick us up and drop us off. But now, its like every man for himself. Well, for me atleast. It was here where I realized that wow, I dont need a driver.. or a helper.. or parents and teachers watching over me. I can do this all by myself and I can survive because actually, it IS how the real world goes. This is what most people go through and maybe I was just one of those more privileged ones who was able to experience a lifestyle where I had a lot of help behind me.

Basically, my school inspired me.

To become a better person. To be a hard worker. To become independent. To be responsible. To be more down to earth. To be helpful. To be kind.

To appreciate others.

Appreciating others is one lesson that I have really learned from this school. Everyone here seems so nice and humble. Despite the label of "ISKOLARS NG BAYAN", you wont see an inch of pride in them. These people.. they dont go around bragging their achievements. And this is someone I want to be. That's why I went to this school in the first place. Because I wanted to be grounded. I wanted to be more simple. Honestly, I am probably very far from simple right now (I mean, I have a FASHION blog.. wheres the simple in that?) but I guess everything has to start somewhere. And I am starting here. In a little blog filled with dreams and inspirations.

All in all, U.P has been great to me and I wish that it will continue to treat me well. There arent much specific experiences that I've cited here but I hope that somehow you guys were able to get an idea of what it's been like through my words. For me, choosing this school was a good choice for myself. As I've told other friends before, "I wouldnt have experienced this anywhere else." :)