Sunday, December 27, 2009

Photo Dump

These are just random photos I took with my phone which I'd like to share with everyone. I look haggard in most of them because well, basically these are all the behind the scenes pictures.

Shopping today w/ mom and sis. Went to Zara to get this top that my aunt gave me for christmas exchanged since its a size small. I've been getting all her gifts for the past years exchanged since she's been giving me size smalls. I really hate small sizes cause they're so tight fit. When will she ever accept the fact that I am not a small? Hahaha!
Really funky leggings over at American Rag!!! I SUPER LOVE THEM. They're amaazee. They remind me of the jeans that Sandara wore in one of their performances!
Candie's in Festival! Our country is starting to progress with all the new shops coming in! Accessorize, Candie's, and even Hermes! Then next year we'll be having Forever21 and Payless Shoes! wowowoww!

I'm super drooling for these shoes! Gucci boots at Tutto Moda. =)

The first bump I ever made on my car!
My sister and I on Christmas day.
A whole body picture of the outfit I wore a few days ago.
Experimenting with the polaroid/fish eye effect with my sister

Funky earrings! Only bought them for 100 pesos ($2) in a random stall. My outfit for that day was CL inspired and I never really invested on earrings so I thought I'd get myself some!
Sorry for the eyebags, the holidays have been doing things to me. Last night for example, I slept at 3am watching SCQ Reload (I was reliving my childhood memories). I had to get up at 10 to go to mass and from then on I was out the whole day. Went to Festi, then MOA, then we had a dinner in Imus Cavite at around 7 till 10. Tomorrow, I'll be going out with Ji to Tagaytay. I think I should get a good night's rest especially since I've been lacking sleep. Till next time!