Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunnies and Stripes

Topshop shirt, H&M blazer, Forever 21 skirt, Kamiseta flats, Aldo sunglasses.

Wore this to Sunday lunch with the parents at Tagaytay. Classes havent started for me yet but enrollment period's over. So next week's gonna be the official week of school! After that 4 month vacation I really dont know what to expect. Do I still know how to Archi? Lol we shall find out...

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Finally Back To School

Forever 21 Top, Mango Jacket and Jeans, New Look Boots, Longchamp Le Cuir Bag in Paprika

After four months of summer vacation, I'm finally heading back to school! Been rewatching Gossip Girl the past month so here is a tribute to Serena's style. Went with a school inspired outfit since its enrollment once again (tomorrow!). Please dont mind the ugly background lol it was gloomy out so I wasnt able to take a proper outfit shot. I'm *trying* (keyword: trying) to start blogging again since I've figured I've been starting to spam instagram with my outfit shots. Hopefully I'll be able to update atleast once every weekend. Also dont expect SLR quality photos since I dont have time to do that anymore. Phone transfer is way faster!

xx trish