Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Life Is Average

Just a few posts I found very entertaining from that website.

MLIA (My Life is Average)

Today I was talking to a girl I like on AIM. I ran out of cool things to
say so I just said brb and thought of some new cool things to say. MLIA

Today I told myself I'd just eat one chocolate. I ate the whole box.

Today, my cell phone rang during my math exam. It was on mute, so no one
heard it. MLIA

Today I looked at my clock. It said 11:10. I waited a minute so I could
make a wish at 11:11. I looked back at the clock. It was 11:12. MLIA
Today I braved UP Diliman in 4 inch heels.


I finally passed my application form. My test permit says 6:30AM Aug 2 at the NCPAG. Who has the same schedule as me? :)

Everything about my test sched is pretty bad except for the fact that NCPAG is the easiest place to get to. From the main entrance of UP Diliman, just turn left and take another left and voila, you're there. Looks like I wont be having that big of a problem with the traffic come August 2.

I think I'm going to like studying in UP if I get in. Mom and I had lunch at their shopping center and i looovee the food. Super good tapsilog from Rodics! It's really cheap, not to mention very filling. I really do hope I get in. Please pray for me!


What I wore: Shirt borrowed from mom, Jeans from Mango, Black pumps from Julia.