Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Venting Out

Today I was practically kicked out from the classroom where I take the creative shots for our yearbook. I was really annoyed this afternoon especially at how some of the people treated me while I was doing my job. I do not mean to point at anyone, but I felt very much mistreated. The conflict basically revolved around the fact that during the times I used the classroom for the creative shots, I failed to put the chairs back in order and therefore that class was the one blamed for everything. Now, I dont deny anything. It was 100% my fault and I apologize for that. Whats really getting into my nerves though is how they got this so called "conflict" through me. I felt that the approach of some were really rude and disrespectful. All they could do was shout out loud while I was in the classroom telling us to "clean up after because we're getting blamed for YOUR mess!" This didnt only happen once. I was constantly being reminded during my stay there as if I'm stupid and couldnt comprehend.

What added to this was when I heard that I was actually BANNED from using the classroom. Seriously? After I take ALL your creative shots I'm going to be banned from using the classroom? All I replied to Steph after she talked to me about it was that "this is our last day anyway."

But seriously. What am I? Someone who has to beg to have privilege over the classroom? I'm not doing this for myself. The sole reason I wanted to use that classroom was actually so that everyone I shot in the batch would actually look GOOD because of the lighting. I just felt really disrespected at how some treated me. The least you could do was talk to me face to face and ask me to clean up because of the circumstances. Blame me, but dont disrespect me.

Finally, I am not starting an outrage here. I dont want any flames with anyone. As I've said, I am just speaking my mind and I had to let it all out. As a yearbook photographer, all I ask for is respect. I dont think I've mistreated anyone since the beginning of the photoshoots and I just ask that you treat me the same way I've treated you. I've been nothing but nice in giving everyone all the chances they can get to have a good yearbook shot so I would appreciate a little kindness as well.