Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whats been really IN fashion this summer are those JUMPSUITS. Everyone seems to have them and they seem really versatile and fun to accessorize but I just cant rock them.

First and foremost, my arms are HUGE so noone would really catch me wearing those tube top jumpsuits. And what I really dont get are those Harem pants. Sorry to say but using the harem idea for the jumpsuits really seem off to me. I just cant imagine myself walking around the mall or any other place for that matter in that thing. Not only that, but I think its pretty unflattering too especially since it emphasizes the lower party of the body because of its looseness.

So why dont we concentrate on the prettier things in life, shall we? What I am absolutely DIGGING right now are those Chanel clear organizer bags. Can things get any better than this? How could have people thought of such UNIQUE ideas? I applaud Karl and his team for having thought of such an idea for a bag. I love love LOVE it!!! Dont you?

The items each have their own compartments in the bag and you have to open it like a folder to get them. AAHHH Its Amazing.

Now I want a Chanel bag more than ever.

Taylor Lautner and Jeans

I had lunch with my sister and our relatives in Town today. It was my 12 yr old cousin's birthday. I felt so VIP --one of his guests had seven bodyguards with him.

My cousin also had this guest who was extremely cute. I usually dont bother looking at young kids but boy was this one different. One just couldnt help but look at him. Seriously. He looked like someone I would hit on. Hahaha! Unbelievable, but true.

Kathleen was in Town so I told her to come up to Timezone and see him for herself. And naturally, she found him cute too. She even mentioned that he looked like Jacob Black AKA Taylor Lautner and the moment she said that, I totally agreed! It was insane. We both died. Unfortunately I didnt have a pic of him so I guess you're all going to have to settle with a picture of Taylor. Ha, ha.

I dont wanna mention the name of my cousin's friend, but boy did he look exactly like this. He was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and rubbershoes. Too bad he's only twelve! I asked my sister if she liked him or anyone in that group and she said no.. ugh, whatever! She obviously liked atleast one of them!

For the mean time, heres a picture of one of the many outfits I wore to review class. This was the one and only day I wore jeans to class. I hate jeans, they just remind me of how fat I am (when you put on jeans and they get a tad tighter only means one thing). That is why people would usually find me in skirts, shorts, or dresses.

What I wore: CA shirt and black bangle both borrowed from Mother, Gold bangle borrowed from Sam, Braided boho band from my shop, Slippers from Havaianas, Jeans from Mango.