Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whats been really IN fashion this summer are those JUMPSUITS. Everyone seems to have them and they seem really versatile and fun to accessorize but I just cant rock them.

First and foremost, my arms are HUGE so noone would really catch me wearing those tube top jumpsuits. And what I really dont get are those Harem pants. Sorry to say but using the harem idea for the jumpsuits really seem off to me. I just cant imagine myself walking around the mall or any other place for that matter in that thing. Not only that, but I think its pretty unflattering too especially since it emphasizes the lower party of the body because of its looseness.

So why dont we concentrate on the prettier things in life, shall we? What I am absolutely DIGGING right now are those Chanel clear organizer bags. Can things get any better than this? How could have people thought of such UNIQUE ideas? I applaud Karl and his team for having thought of such an idea for a bag. I love love LOVE it!!! Dont you?

The items each have their own compartments in the bag and you have to open it like a folder to get them. AAHHH Its Amazing.

Now I want a Chanel bag more than ever.


ellegirl1028 said...

i love the clear bags! :D oh i also saw your comment on my sofa class now lang :) Yeah Lizzie was in our class..

trishacamille said...

ooohh cool cool! haha