Sunday, May 31, 2009

Chanel and Starwars

For all Chanel lovers out there, the newest addition to the Chanel family has just come out. The Chanel Fiole concept car. It was designed by Jinyoung Jo who is a car designer in South Korea. This car isn't an official Chanel car until Karl Lagerfeld approves of it. And so far, it has no contract with any car manufacturer yet.

It's like the fashion world's very own Bat Mobile. A really chic, classy version of it. Wowowooww! If this gets approved Jinyoung Jo will be making a hell lot of money. I mean, who doesnt love Chanel?

It comes in both white and black but I personally prefer the white one --even though it kind of resembles those stormtroopers in Starwars. The headgears they wore and the car look so much alike..

LOL. Dont you think?

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