Thursday, June 4, 2009


I just got grounded till August. Sucks right?

Mom says I havent been taking my reviews at Ahead seriously just because I told her that my ranking in the ACET went down from 14 to 21 even though my grade went up by 1% and even though I already passed. She has really high expectations from me so ranking at 21 really made her feel bad. I guess she was expecting that I get higher than 14. I mean, even Tim and Alex went down from being 1 and 2 (even though Joms went from 8 to 5 :> =))) so I really dont think it was fair for my mom to judge like that.

I guess that this house arrest will somehow be good for me too. I mean, I've been concentrating on so much things all at once so I kind of agree that I should be grounded so that I can focus on the more important things I have to do. With friends by the side, its really hard to concentrate which and WHO to prioritize. So now that I'm grounded, I have an excuse to miss out on certain things I dont really feel like going to. Besides, I've been a lazy bum lately and going out hasnt really been on my mind. I just want to relax at home and not be bothered by anyone. Of course, there will be a lot of things that I will be missing in the duration of that 2 months: really fun barkada gimmicks, movie dates, parties, etc. , but I guess if I really want to get into UP I have to do this and suffer the consequences.

It's just the first day of me being grounded and I'm already having problems with some people. Great.

But anyway, on a lighter note, my work out last night made me feel so relieved. I did 20 mins of hoola hoop, 300 crunches, 100 bicycle crunches, and 20/20 push-ups last night which hopefully made up for atleast half of everything I ate during our farewell.

Today I feel much healthier and fit :)

That's all for now. Gotta deal with someone. Ciao

Say Goodbye

I will always and forever love my Ahead AP7 class. It was our last day today and I will definitely miss them all.


I think our class was the best class I could ever be in. We were just all so united and we all got along so well. (which is the reason for the reallyreally fun outings together) Having everyone in that class made reviews so much more fun and exciting to go to. I do not regret a single moment of review :)

So it was our Farewell party today at Jom's place. It was fuunnn! Though a lot of people were missing. Denise,Mark,Menna, where were you!? We had amaazzingg food: Krispy Kreme, Gonuts, Jollibee spaghetti, palabok from Goldilocks, KFC chicken buckets, Lasagna from Greenwich, pizza from Brooklyn and Shakeys, pasta cooked by Jom's mom, etcetc. Wow, we were super sponsored by local fast food chains pala ah ahhaah (shucks sayang I didnt take food porn :P)

This is not everyone, we didnt get a chance to take a last class picture:(

It was really chill at Joms'. We played rockband and spent the rest of the time bonding. The next time we'll all be seeing each other is still in July so we tried to make the most out of the remaining time we had left. Merong dalawa diyan.. nag lakad.. hindi na bumalik.. actually bumalik nga pala sila.. after one hour.. ;)))

While waiting for those two, we were so bored so we fantasized.. HAHAHAHAHA! Inside joke na yun. Then the guys got so aliw with Miggy's ringtone so everyone started sending ringtones to each other. =)))

What I will miss the most from Ahead:
- Ms. Debbie the cougar
- Pancho's bestfriend, Daniel :)
- Stevie always being sad about toooott
- The Mommy and Daddy love story :)
- Stevie always getting blamed for everything=)))
- Class games with David from our team which always made us win without putting any effort at all.
- DAVID!!!
and most especially, all the really amazing and smart people I have met during the course of the whole review class. I cannot wait to see you all again!


Anyway, so I'm taking another review class again.. ( I KNOW RIGHT ) Hahaha but yeah. My mother really wants me to get in the University of the Philippines so she's really doing everything for me to pass especially since Architecture is very high quota. I'll be starting next next week, June 15. I'm taking it with Mrs. Galvez in BF. Thats everyday from 4-7pm till the end of June I think.. so I'm really going to be busy the whole of June.

Great, I get a one week vacation from reviewing... woohoooo. But oh well, I guess I'm gonna have to do this because it concerns my future. Pressure's really on me now.

What I wore today: Shirt and necklace from Kamiseta, DIY shorts inspired by Marella :), Bag from a bazaar, Sandals from Skechers, bracelets given by Meljean and Jicoy.

Shorts were DIY'ed from an old pair of jeans. Ripped them off, bleached them, and added a pearl necklace to one pocket for design