Sunday, May 31, 2009

Three boys and a phone

What happens when three boys find a phone? Will they be good samaritans and return it to the owner or will the destiny of the phone lie on the phrase "finders keepers"?

What happened in class today:

Pancho found a cellphone in his desk. He asked the class if anyone owned it, noone claimed. It belonged to someone from the afternoon class. Pancho and the guys decided to keep it. Hence, Pancho kept the phone, Daniel got the simcard, and Mark took the load.


What I wore: Brown leggings from Details, Skull top from Artwork, Bangle borrowed from mom, Blazer designed by Ramil Marquez, Shoes from Janylin, Bag from Nina Ricci.

Chanel and Starwars

For all Chanel lovers out there, the newest addition to the Chanel family has just come out. The Chanel Fiole concept car. It was designed by Jinyoung Jo who is a car designer in South Korea. This car isn't an official Chanel car until Karl Lagerfeld approves of it. And so far, it has no contract with any car manufacturer yet.

It's like the fashion world's very own Bat Mobile. A really chic, classy version of it. Wowowooww! If this gets approved Jinyoung Jo will be making a hell lot of money. I mean, who doesnt love Chanel?

It comes in both white and black but I personally prefer the white one --even though it kind of resembles those stormtroopers in Starwars. The headgears they wore and the car look so much alike..

LOL. Dont you think?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whats been really IN fashion this summer are those JUMPSUITS. Everyone seems to have them and they seem really versatile and fun to accessorize but I just cant rock them.

First and foremost, my arms are HUGE so noone would really catch me wearing those tube top jumpsuits. And what I really dont get are those Harem pants. Sorry to say but using the harem idea for the jumpsuits really seem off to me. I just cant imagine myself walking around the mall or any other place for that matter in that thing. Not only that, but I think its pretty unflattering too especially since it emphasizes the lower party of the body because of its looseness.

So why dont we concentrate on the prettier things in life, shall we? What I am absolutely DIGGING right now are those Chanel clear organizer bags. Can things get any better than this? How could have people thought of such UNIQUE ideas? I applaud Karl and his team for having thought of such an idea for a bag. I love love LOVE it!!! Dont you?

The items each have their own compartments in the bag and you have to open it like a folder to get them. AAHHH Its Amazing.

Now I want a Chanel bag more than ever.

Taylor Lautner and Jeans

I had lunch with my sister and our relatives in Town today. It was my 12 yr old cousin's birthday. I felt so VIP --one of his guests had seven bodyguards with him.

My cousin also had this guest who was extremely cute. I usually dont bother looking at young kids but boy was this one different. One just couldnt help but look at him. Seriously. He looked like someone I would hit on. Hahaha! Unbelievable, but true.

Kathleen was in Town so I told her to come up to Timezone and see him for herself. And naturally, she found him cute too. She even mentioned that he looked like Jacob Black AKA Taylor Lautner and the moment she said that, I totally agreed! It was insane. We both died. Unfortunately I didnt have a pic of him so I guess you're all going to have to settle with a picture of Taylor. Ha, ha.

I dont wanna mention the name of my cousin's friend, but boy did he look exactly like this. He was wearing a black shirt, jeans, and rubbershoes. Too bad he's only twelve! I asked my sister if she liked him or anyone in that group and she said no.. ugh, whatever! She obviously liked atleast one of them!

For the mean time, heres a picture of one of the many outfits I wore to review class. This was the one and only day I wore jeans to class. I hate jeans, they just remind me of how fat I am (when you put on jeans and they get a tad tighter only means one thing). That is why people would usually find me in skirts, shorts, or dresses.

What I wore: CA shirt and black bangle both borrowed from Mother, Gold bangle borrowed from Sam, Braided boho band from my shop, Slippers from Havaianas, Jeans from Mango.

Friday, May 29, 2009


The results for the 2nd UPCAT Diagnostic exam came out today. My ranking went up from 18 to 12!!! Thank God! But my percentage is 49.42% and a percentage of 50% is needed to get in UP so I'm kind of in a critical situation. But I guess its an o-kay grade for something I didnt study for. If I got a 49% without studying, then with studying I'd probably get a higher percentage so HOPEFULLY I will be able to make it. AHEAD obviously helped me.

Anyway, after review school, we had our very own excursion as a class. We had it in Town and I had so much fun! There were so much funny moments and we even saw our teacher for todays lesson while going around. We had lunch at the foodcourt, bowling and billiards at Paeng's, Starbucks as a group, L4D and Counter Strike with the boys, and finally, Karaoke in Timezone.

We were so many that we were enough people to do those Japanese gag videos wherein a crowd would surround a person and suddenly all run together to see that perons reaction. Originally, we were all going to do that same idea, but we decided it was too complicated for us to do since not everyone was sure of participating since it involved a lot of physical activity so instead what we did was look up in the sky as a group. It was hilarious especially when we spotted a man look up too. It would have been so much better though if we did the running thing. Now THAT would define funny.

We also made our little big "family" today. Of course, with Mr. President, Tim Buensalido as our daddy and Alex Austria as our mommy. And well, I took position as the first child, Joms took second, Bea took third, and the list goes on.

Some highlights of the day were:
- The prime trait Pancho looks for in a girl: "Miss, yung parang Ikaw"
- Denise's Top 3 favorites in the class :>
- Our great Japanese prank
- Juicy talk about crushes, love, and love lives with Alex, Menna, Bea, and Tim. :>
- Martin's Hayden Kho scandal and his performance of Careless Whisper.
- David's Korean song
- My first time to play L4D and CS! I kept dying.

So all in all, It was really fun spending time with everyone today. I got to know everyone a little bit more and I'm glad we were able to make good, happy memories together. Thankfully most of the class was able to come. I can't wait for our class picture taking day on Tuesday! AANDD I hope our farewell party will still push through *hint at Lans :>* GO AP7! :)

What I wore: Nike dunks, Liquid leggings from Topshop, Gray bag from Mango, Shirt from Hot Topic.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I think I've had too much social networking sites for the record. At this point, I just want to be able to concentrate on one thing, one website wherein I'll be able to update everyone about everything without having to post the same things on different websites over and over again. I mean, the purpose of most sites are to update people anyway, right? Theres Twitter, Facebook, Multiply, Tumblr, etc, etc, etc. so why not just put it all in one site? It's so much easier and less hassle, and I believe that I'll be able to express myself more on a blog rather than having to summarize everything in a one liner tweet on Twitter or posting a photo album in Multiply and whatnot.

I have to admit, I am not very adept at writing or grammar, for that matter. I have been bashed several times for having horrible grammar in my old blogs (not like anyone should care) and recently, my really really really old blog (OLD, meaning I was still around 12 years old!) came back into my life. Hahaha. It's a preeettyy long story. Let's just say some random person decided to stalk my friend and stumbled on my really really really old blog and decided to use me to stalk her.

I guess when you search my name up on Google, you'd find the same blog I am talking about. It's the weirdest blog ever and now my friends always laugh at it. Even my bestfriend has my blog on her Favorites and she told me that she would read it whenever she needed something to laugh at and cheer her up. Sure, I'd love to delete that blog. Problem is, I have totally forgotten my password and even the email I used. Oh well, looks like that blog is here to stay.

Of course, I would'nt wanna bore anyone so above is an old picture of me and my bestie during our early years in highschool. We are both sporting our matching Mango bags in the picture. She got hers in pink while I got mine in yellow. It's probably been two years since this picture was taken. We're graduating soon and I couldn't be more excited and scared at the same time. This blog will hopefully contain all my last few memories here in highschool.