Friday, September 4, 2009

My Top 10 Online Shopping Sites

Since everyone has suddenly been into online shopping, I decided to make it easier for you guys and do a compilation of my top 10 favorite online shopping sites. My favorites go from sophisticated girly fashion sites to casual everyday wear sites.


First would be Glitterati which was the first ever online shop I fell in love with. I actually came to know about this shop from JL who had a Chictopia. JL advertised all her designs there and I thought everything she wore just looked fabulous on her. Gliteratti is designed and owned by Joana Ladrido (JL) and Nina Estacio (Both are the girls on the picture above). They are known for their puff skirts and everything else chic and glamorous.

2.Poison berry

My absolute favorite! Poison Berry caters mainly to the youth. Their designs are mainly composed of trendy and in-style pieces. Everything colorful, bright, and loud is what you'll find in Poison Berry. I've blogged about this shop earlier on my blog so I wouldnt go much into detail. As of now, they have moved on to their COVER-UPs collection meaning blazers, jackets, etc. so check them out now!

3. Undernourished Manila

This shop I have just rediscovered again recently. Its been a long time since I visited their site and once I checked it out again, I was amazed with their improvement. This shop is somewhat like Poison Berry except in a more sophisticated sense. Also, unlike Pberry, they release limited amounts of their designs so you better get your hands on the pieces you want before they're gone.

4. Co-exist

Co-exist is by another Chictopian, Camille Co (model above). She actually designs and models her own clothes. What I like about co-exist is their bright and SOLID colors. Co-exist designs have a lot of geometry in them; shapes, lines, curves, etc. Also, Co-exist has a very young and sensitive theme to it compared to that of Glitterati whos designs exude a lot of attitude.

5. Zoo Shoes

Again, I have already blogged about this earlier so theres not much to say. Two words: Killer shoes.

6. Street Beat Boutique

The name says it all. Whatever street clothing you're looking for, you'll find here. Vests, stripes, colors, they have it all. With Raya modelling for SBB, you cant go wrong on shopping there.

7. Monroe Boutique

This online shop is somewhat like Co-exist except it has more classic items such as those skirts and polos that never go out of fashion. Clothes from Monroe come with a price though. They are priced a little more expensive than other shops. But hey, quality always comes first right? Spending a little bit more for better quality items never hurt anybody.

8. Dope Dunks

MY FAVORITE SHOE SHOP!!! I am a rubbershoe fanatic and I must say, this online shop has the best to offer when it comes to rubbershoes. They have a variety of shoe brands including the ever so famous Nike dunks and a bunch of limited edition Adidas shoes.

9. Ukay Queen

Now if you're on the broke side, theres always a ton of alternatives to choose from, one being thrift items or what we call here in the Philippines, UKAY-UKAY. Thrifting is actually a great way of shopping for new clothes. Smart thrifty people often shop at these ukay stores and get wonderful deals. One of the most known online ukay stores here in the Philippines is The Ukay Queen. It was actually the FIRST online ukay store and I must say, they have definitely lived up to the expectations of the shoppers. They have great one of a kind pieces in trend at such LOW unbelievable prices. In addition, the photography and post-processing of their pictures are done so well which will leave you wanting MORE!


Last on the list is Vestida. Another ukay store which also sells quality ukay items. You'll find a lot of business casual pieces in this shop such as high waisted skirts, blazers, lacy tops, etc.
A few pictures of my sister from our getaway last weekend