Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Today was a good day. I first headed to AAV to do my share of community service for those who were severely affected by the typhoon. I only intended to go help at Woodrose but they were almost done when I arrived so I decided to help at St. James instead.

Though I was only able to stay until 2, I think that I was still able to do do a fair share of all the work that needed to be done unlike some of those other people who were just obviously there for the wrong intentions, no offence. Thank goodness though that when we arrived at St. James there werent much people yet so we were all really able to contribute something since every person's help counted. It was a major work out for our arms though but hell it was fun!

Afterwards, I headed to my grandma's house because it was our bonding time with her. Us three cousins plus her. It was nice spending time with her again because its seriously been so long! Even though we live right beside each other, my sister and I barely get to visit her so its good that we had today to catch up. We were just there in the TV room and we watched TV while having pizza. I had four slices of yellow cab. I think its because I only had an orange for breakfast and I exhausted all my energy at Alabang. Our granny's birthday is also coming up soo I'm excited for that! I'm thinking SURPRISE!

Anyway thats all. For now, I will leave all of you with some interesting fashion forward pieces.

pictures from

First picture is Jeremy Scott's Flinstone inspired collection with his infamous angel wing sneakers in a bright rainbow color while the second and third pictures show origami heels of which I dont know the designer. I so so so LOVE them! I really get attracted to pieces like these which are loud and out of this world. Definitely one of a kind ;)