Friday, March 19, 2010

Why I Am Dying This Week

So much for summer. It just keeps getting more hectic as each day passes by. I think the only time I'll be getting some peace is during Holy Week and after that I resume to all the work that needs to be done.

So this is my schedule for the next few days to come:

Tomorrow I'm going with my family to the Crocs supersale (90% off) early morning at 7am. My dad's a big fan of Crocs so yeah. Then on the evening of tomorrow its our pre-grad and we're performing.

On Monday its our retreat but I'm not attending. If I dont need to be in school, I plan to just have my boy over. On Tuesday, I have a streetdance test in U.P for advanced P.E at 4pm. The following day I have a volleyball test for the same reason which will be at 4:30pm. Thursday is rest day (I HOPE). Then on Friday, its our tribute for the auxillary where we will be dancing.

I'm not sure if I will be attending any party on that Friday since one, I know I'm going to be exhausted, and two, its my dad's birthday the next day and I dont wanna tire him. So yes, since its my dad's birthday on the 27th we're obviously going to be out again. On Sunday of that weekend, its my cousin's birthday celebration so thats another thing to attend.

Aside from all the things already listed on my schedule, I still have a lot of things to prepare. For one, I need to fix my DSWD papers for Singapore (I'm only travelling with one parent so I need my father's letter of approval). Then my dad also wants me to start fixing our itinerary for our trip in May.

There are also parties which need to be planned above all this. Hopefully they will still push through despite the busy schedule.

After Holy week the schedule is as follows:
April 5-6 Grad Practice
April 7 Graduation (!!!)
April 8 Nina's Grad Dinner
April 9 Drinking at Steph's place
From April 12-16 theres nothing planned yet but thats Cheil's 18th birthday week so... hi cheil :> haha
Then finally on April 17-20 its my graduation trip with Steph!

AAHH everythings happening so fast! After all of this its already time for college! WOA