Friday, June 19, 2009

My day is almost done. All I have to complete is my piano lessons this 3pm and I'm free to go and do whatever I want to do! Horray! I'm so glad its a Saturday. It's the only day I can actually have time for myself.

So I had reviews this morning. Itchon,Patgonz, and Karen were there! Reviews are so much better with people around. It's usually so boring when its just me, Diaz, and Urim there. Sometimes, we people tend to get our energy from those around us, so when their energy is low, we tend to have the same energy level too and vice versa.

Dad and I went to Town after class to get my pictures for my portfolio printed. I'm so excited to see them! I hope they're enough for Monday's interview.

We had lunch at Delifrance after and had the French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich. It's super good! For only 99 pesos, you get a taste of this scrumptuous sandwich made with USDA grade roast beef and caramelized onions served on freshly baked French bread. Yumm!


Oh and guys, theres an ongoing Mango sale up to 50% off. So much beautiful items from their summer collection are now up for grabs!



The shoes are a stunner!

I really love the design of this one, the details on the back is amazing.


I wanted this bag before and I knew it was going to go on sale someday. It's on sale now! But I'm thinking of using my money for other accessories instead of buying just this one bag.


I love love love them! Too bad I'm still not a size 6 so I have to try my best to refrain from going to the mall for now especially because its sale season again. (For those who dont know, I'm not allowing myself to buy clothes until I'm a size 6. I'm currently an 8.)


So what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest Mango store now!
My sister was so mad at me a while ago that she told my mom not to cook diet food and cook a lot of fattening food instead for her birthday celebration because she wanted me to get fat.

Well, its not my fault we were dismissed at 2pm today and she came out at 2:40. I think I had all the right to get mad. Besides, yesterday, she also came out late. I already reminded her about being early but she still forgot.

Anyhoo, thats not my problem anymore. Lets go to school stuff.

Its only been the first week and my planner has been filled, almost to the brim. Every single day has been so hectic. It really sucks having reviews everyday from 4-7. I usually get home at 8 (went home at 10 last Monday), so I have so little time for school stuff. I think its a good practice for balancing my time though, and now, I dont really waste time on the computer anymore (because time has been very important to me since that review started). My days have been the same this past week: get home at 8, do everything in a span of 1 hour and 30 minutes, then sleep at 10:30pm.


10:30pm has been the ideal sleeping time for me during weekdays. I found that if I sleep at this time, I have enough energy for the next morning to do my work-outs and survive the day.

This week has been full of college worries. Everyones fussing about who to ask for recommendations, when to pass the forms, etc, etc. It's really good to do everything in advanced already. I wanna finish this whole college app thing and be able to concentrate on the more important things and my academics.. oh, and reviewing for the entrance tests. Aaahh, UP! EEEEKK.

Enough about that, did you know that the whole Sex Tape rumor appology of Spencer Pratt to Lauren Conrad was actually fake?

Quoted from

As Lauren Conrad is pimping out her new book, she is letting her mouth fly open and revealing all kinds of secrets from her former show The Hills.

The biggest thing she let drop this morning while on The View was that the so-called "apology" she received from Spencer Pratt about her sex tape NEVER HAPPENED!

Nope! The conversation never happened. She wasn't even on the line to speak to him. So Spencer pretty much apologized to a phone and LC pretended to be surprised and angrily forgiving.

Gee, doesn't that sounds a lot like scripted acting? Go figure!

We give it maybe an hour before Spencer seeks out the media to tell his side of it.

Call us Spence! We want to know!

Well, thats about it. Hoping to blog more this weekend. Ciao!