Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

A lot of people ask me why they never really see my mom in my blog. Well, thats because she's usually the one behind the camera (she loves taking our pictures!) and during our last major trip to the States, she wasnt there because of her work. Anyhoo, so for all those who are ever so curious about my mother, here is an entire post dedicated to her! :-)

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If I were to describe my mom in one word, it would be SELFLESS. That is her major trait. Well all parents are expected to be selfless, but my mom's selflessness is one of a kind. She is always there for me, guiding me every step of the way. When I need something, she goes out of her way to get it for me. She'll never have second thoughts (Of course the need has to be urgent haha). She'll always check on me, and not in an overprotective parent way. She listens to me when I talk and I see that her care for me is genuine. If I am sick, she will not leave me behind. She'll constantly check on me after a number of hours. She'll bring my medicines up to my room and make sure I eat my meals so I get better. When I'm sad, she will stay with me in my room and she will just talk to me all about it. She will help me feel better. She'll hug me and assure me that everything will be alright.

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When I'm not allowed to use the car, or when I'm too sick to stay at the dorm by myself, she will endure the 2 hour drive to school everyday just to make sure I get home safe -- even if she still has work to do and even if she still has to pick up my little sister from class. I hate it when this happens, because I feel bad toward my sister (since she gets picked up late cause of me..) and for my mom ofcourse. Cause its like she just doesnt have any rest.
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My mom is many things. She is an artist, a cook, a pianist, a businesswoman, and a dentist (yes, she was a dentist until she decided to help my grandma in their business instead!). My mom is an artist -- she loves anything that has to do with art. Painting, fashion, drawing, interior design (she designed the interiors of our house all by herself!!). She's a really good painter. She has one big painting that she painted herself which is displayed in the 2nd floor of our house. She's an AWESOME cook!!! I cant even begin to explain how awesome. Everytime I come home from the dorm, I'm SUPER excited to go home cause I cant wait to try her cooking. Even if she's already in her late 40's, she still goes to cooking lessons up to today just so she can please her family. Ask anyone, I'm always excited to go home and that's mainly because I love everything she cooks :-)

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 She's also a pianist! She's been learning piano since she was a child, and when I was already of age, I was made to take piano lessons too. We eventually had a teacher who'd come to the house to teach me, my little sister, and my mom. I really never liked piano though, so it was really just my mom who excelled in it. Haha!

My mom is both my bestfriend and my mother. She never fails to remind me to fix myself, put on some make-up, dress nice, look pretty. And of course she never fails to threaten me too with "dont do drugs, dont get pregnant, or I'm disowning you" Haha. And for this fear alone I am sworn never to do so.

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My mom can understand how I feel. That's why I love her so. She's not unreasonable. Everytime she says I cant do something, she explains to me why, and I dont do it, because I understand her back.

Obviously, there is so much to say about my mom. This entire blogpost is barely enough. She may not notice it, but she is EVERYTHING to me :-) And one day, when she is in my situation, when she's old, and too sick to drive, or too sick to get out of bed, I will return to her all the favors that she has done for me.

There is no role model like my mother. I want to be everything like her. I am very happy and thankful that it is her womb where I came from. To end this post, I would just like to say, Thankyou Mom, for raising me for a whole 20 years and being patient with me in times when I dont follow you. If I get rude sometimes, and if I've caused you any horrible emotional pain. I love you so much mom!!!! I wouldnt be the person I am without you :-)

Trisha :-)
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