Saturday, February 18, 2012



Hello! So whats up guys... Long time no see. This is actually an extremely late birthday post, but I knew I had to post it because one, I liked my outfit this day, and two, the food porn is just to die for.

Anyway, so I turned 19 on this day and it was just super awesome. I felt like a princess :D I never celebrate my birthday with anyone else but my family (except for certain occasions such as my 18th) because my birthday is on such an odd day and noone can ever really go. Its on the 30th of December so my friends are usually out on vacation somewhere out of town, they have holiday get togethers with families, or arent allowed because its simply right smack on the day before New Year's Eve. Thus, I've been used to celebrating it with my family alone which isnt bad at all. Plus, less expenses on the celebration. He he he.

What I Wore: Forever 21 dress, Charlotte Russe shoes, Topshop bag.

On to the outfit, this dress was actually a candidate for my 18th birthday dress. It was so cute and very Gossip Girl (the peg for my 18th was GG) but in the end I chose the blue dress I posted about a year ago (if you guys still remember hehe) since it was more glamorous and shouted birthday girl more than this.

Hence, since we were only out for lunch today to celebrate my birthday, this dress was good to go.

So. On to the food. Oh, the food. Crazycrazycrazy good. We had lunch over at Lolo Dad's and it was just extremely perfect. It left me oh so very happy. Simply editing the photos now make me hungry! Hee. We all had set meals except for dad who had that CRAZY eat all you can steak and prawn meal called Surf N Turf. Dad was bloated by the second round. Haha! I had the Christmas meal while my mom and sis had this other set meal that also included pasta (not photographed) and an entire buffet for appetizer. Anyway, here are the photos!

Smoked Turkey Salad

Cream of Chestnuts Soup w Calvados, Crispy Serrano ham, and Fleuron.

Mom and sis' main course.. I already forgot what this was called...

Dad's main course. Surf N Turf. So huge and eat all you can, its impossible.

My main course HAHAHAHA wild I swear. Birthday girl indeed :))) This one's also called Surf n Turf except its charred U.S. angus beef tenderloin and lobster tail with baked rigatoni pasta. :-)


Christmas Pudding

So there ya go! That is how my birthday went. Haha! The food photos were only taken using my phone btw... COOL HUH. This is why I love my amazing Blackberry. Cant live without it hahahah. And I swear, one day I'm really going to end up a food blogger (when I'm too fat and cant pose for fashion outfits anymore huhu). Awesome food porn is awesome. HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED! TILL NEXT TIIMEEE :-)

Sunday, February 5, 2012


math 53 :|
and almost losing hope
cos my parents are really pressuring me
and i cant function narin in the dorm.
i wanted to go home na everyday cos im getting so fucking homesick
felt like giving up
parang di ko kaya until 5th year na nasa dorm lang ako
basta shet sobrang drama all emotions coming iinnn
di ko na talaga alam gagawin ko im losing control of my life

A short part of my conversation with a friend on why I've been so sad lately. I dont know, I think I got depressed. All I did was cry this past week wanting to go home everyday.

Just thought I should post this to give an update on my life. I'm just so out of it recently.