Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ohmygod guys, can it be more embarassing than this? HAHAHAHA

Its those Filipino prisoners at it again. This time to the tune of Jai Ho. Enjoy=)))

Prom dresses, shopping malls, etc. etc.

Mother came to pick me up after review and we did some errands for school etc. I got my 2x2 pictures for college apps taken and we had to wait for around 3 hours. We were able to accomplish many things during the course of that 3 hours. We brought my sister to Healthway to get a check-up (Her ears had an infection), bought fillers for my notebooks, and shopped at Mango for the debutant this coming Saturday (I'm excited for this!)


I was also able to find theee most beaauttifull prom dress ever. I'm planning on getting it already because it might not be available anymore during Prom season. (AND GOOD NEWS, I fit in their size SMALL so I can buy it!) Hopefully dad will allow me to get it this early. @-)

Oh and! I bought a book today --The Giver. It seemed interesting and I've heard a lot about it before so I wanted to try and read it. (I never really read much so now I'm trying to). Tomorrow is back to lecture day. Gaahh. It's the last 2 days of review though so I'm going to make the most out of it :)



What I wore: Top from Rustans, Necklace from Tomato, Pink bangle given by Diego, Red bracelet given by Steph, Skirt from Seventeen, Shoes from CMG (thanks mom!), Bag from Espirit.

Pink and Blue!

Today it was ACET and class picture day. I didnt really like how the pictures turned out and I'm not even in the nice one:( (in my camera, atleast) Sucks.


Well, no. I probably just didnt like it cause it wasnt so organized.. so many people werent seen in the first one and I just thought that we werent distributed well. All the guys were at the back in both pictures. Except for the very AUDACIOUS ones such as Joms and Stevie. Ha! Thats a vocabulary word right there you guys! :>


I took this second picture so I'm not in it. Actually it looks pretty good. I think our color scheme turned out well! I thought we looked cute! It would've been funnier though if we stuck to the Girls-Blue Guys-Pink color scheme. Haha!


The boys brought their sunnies for the photos and since I ALWAYS have a pair with me (I never leave home without them!!) I took a picture with them. THESE ARE MA HOMIES. ;)

I cant believe that was everyone! I'm really gonna miss aalll of my classmates when review is over. Ilovelovelove my class for life! AP7 all the way :D