Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prom dresses, shopping malls, etc. etc.

Mother came to pick me up after review and we did some errands for school etc. I got my 2x2 pictures for college apps taken and we had to wait for around 3 hours. We were able to accomplish many things during the course of that 3 hours. We brought my sister to Healthway to get a check-up (Her ears had an infection), bought fillers for my notebooks, and shopped at Mango for the debutant this coming Saturday (I'm excited for this!)


I was also able to find theee most beaauttifull prom dress ever. I'm planning on getting it already because it might not be available anymore during Prom season. (AND GOOD NEWS, I fit in their size SMALL so I can buy it!) Hopefully dad will allow me to get it this early. @-)

Oh and! I bought a book today --The Giver. It seemed interesting and I've heard a lot about it before so I wanted to try and read it. (I never really read much so now I'm trying to). Tomorrow is back to lecture day. Gaahh. It's the last 2 days of review though so I'm going to make the most out of it :)



What I wore: Top from Rustans, Necklace from Tomato, Pink bangle given by Diego, Red bracelet given by Steph, Skirt from Seventeen, Shoes from CMG (thanks mom!), Bag from Espirit.

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