Thursday, July 23, 2009

After the career guidance period we had a while ago, I suddenly got confused on what course to take.

Originally, I was already serious on my path of Architecture but there was something with Ms. Mildred's powerpoint that got me thinking. This specific point was when she mentioned that the career we should take should be something we like. Something we're good at. Something we have the talent for. The first thing that came into my head was fashion and design. Obviously I have the passion for that career. I know I will do well in it and that I will have fun pursuing it, but there is some kind of barrier which keeps me away from this career.

My heart says fashion but my head says architecture. As of now, I am questioning so much things. As much as I want to pursue fashion, there are several things that are bothering me about the industry.

First of all, as I always say, noone really gets rich for being a designer or whatnot. If I choose this career, I may enjoy everything about it, but there will just be such a small chance of me being successful in it. Considering all the fashion designers nowadays, it will be really hard to compete with them. Also, fashion (especially here in our third world country) isnt that popular. People like going around in jeans and a shirt. Basically, I cant assure success if I go into this career. Being on the subject of architecture on the other hand, has more benefits especially since only a few are able to graduate with degrees in this career. Also, it is a very complex course so graduating from such will bring big respect to my career.

Second, as much as I love fashion, I just find it so unstable. You never know what's going to happen to your business unlike in architecture wherein the things you create are TIMELESS. As what they say in Project Runway, "One day you're in, the next day you're out." Fashion takes a lot of hard work and creativity. You always have to look for new ideas since according to Karl Lagerfeld, fashion is so ugly that we have to change it every how many months.

In architecture, buildings are created which never really go out of trend. You wont always have to keep up with the trends because no matter what, houses and industrial buildings will always be classics. Also, unlike fashion, houses and shelters, to be specific, are a necessity. Fashion is basically a luxury.


From the beginning, I have always thought that architecture was going to be it. But now, I am left in a puzzled state. Should I choose the career I love and adore? Or should I choose the career that I know will put me in a stable position after I graduate?

Time is running short and I have to come up with a decision sooner or later because after all, all of this decision making will determine my future.


Anonymous said...

They always say, choose the path where your heart belongs. :D I think you would do great in fashion, Trish!

Janina said...