Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lace in All


Went out today to get a few stuff developed for our grandma's birthday and also to visit the bazaar at Cuenca. As you can see, this black bangle of mine has been over OVERUSED so I decided that I needed new accessories. The clay boutique in the bazaar last week was gone so I wasnt able to come back for super cute accessories. Instead, I bought necklaces and this really one of a kind ring.

(cool, no?)

Okay, so maybe I wasnt able to get a new replacement for this overused bangle but ah, maybe some other time. By the way, I promised myself that I will only be buying accessories until the end of the year. I have too much clothes stocked in my closet already and I am having a scarcity with accessories ( I think I wore this bangle in all my past 5 or 6 consecutive outfit posts. haha!)

On to the outfit. The lace top I scored at a thrift shop for only $1. It is very reminiscent of Topshop's new collection, dont you think? I was really itching to wear this out already and I'm so glad now that I did!

What I wore: Thrifted lace cover-up, Shorts from mom, Shirt from Custo Barcelona, Shoes from Janylin, Bag from Topshop.


iamhaidrofilik said...

i am surely loving the lace cover-up. :) u look fab.

trishacamille said...

thankyou!! :)

pinky said...

Hello there! I am going to link your blog in mine. I hope you do not mind.

By the way, lovely photos you got there. And you are very, very fashionable at sixteen. I don't remember being this stylish when I was your age. Argh. Suddenly, I feel so old!

trishacamille said...

oh yeah sure its totally fine :) and aww dont worry, fashion transcends any age ;) thanks so much too for the comment I really appreciate it :)