Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cramming The Work

What I Wore: Shirt from Gap, Vest from Topshop, Shorts from Solo, Shoes from Mango, Bag from Louis Vuitton.

The outfit is what I wore over to Kathleen's birthday celebration. She is officially 17 today! It was a good night of FUN. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATH!!!


My week is actually so filled. There are surprises and deadlines coming out every single day. College admission results have been coming out for one thing. Then we have two papers due on Monday, another on Tuesday, and a quiz each for Math and Calculus both on Monday. Not only that, but I also have a TON of photo submissions due for the yearbook. Add cheerdancing everyday to that and you have one hell of a hectic week. Atleast it's almost over now. By the end of this week, results of everything will be out. Results not only of college admissions, but also of which team will be taking first place in Family Day 2010.

After this week, its all going to be over. Well, atleast most of it will. And all we'll have to worry about is enrolling for college and fixing our transpo/dorms. And of course, graduating.

Time flies by so fast! Around 27 more school days before we go bye bye!


betz said...

you got killer shoes! love the nude color. you look stunning dear!


libys11 said...

goodluck with all there is that you need to do for the last months of HS. make the most out of it, i remember missing my HS so much when i got to bigger university! hahaha!

oh and can i just that i love your shoes a lot! :D

trishacamille said...

aw thanks you guys!! :DDD

Darlyn said...

Good luck. You should really enjoy your remaining high school days. College is awesome but high school was just... Well, I had less worries then. Haha. Gawd, I feel old. :P

trishacamille said...

oh wow, college seems so stressful! well then I guess I should really enjoy while I still have the time!