Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A. Wang Knock Offs

Just a little commercial before I proceed with my vacation posts. (The outfits are getting sooo boring! I told you so!)


In the outfit are three of the items I scored while in the States. One is the plaid top which I bought in two other colors and is also part of my planned school "uniform", the black pumps from Charlotte Russe which I scored for such a great price!, and the most awesome knock-off bag from Wetseal...

What I Wore: Victoria's Secret plaid top, People are People jeans, Charlotte Russe black pumps, Wetseal bag.

The main focus of this outfit would be the bag though. I was in Orlando when I first spotted the bag. It was hanging waaaaayy up inside the store almost near the ceiling. When I saw it I was just like OMG!!! Its an Alexander Wang bag knock-off!! It was like love at first sight. When I got it from its rack, I just couldnt get my hands off it. So ofcourse, I took it home.

Got so much other goodies to wear out and I just cant wait to show it to you guys!! :)



Pixie Dust said...

Super-cute blog <3
If you have the tine, be sure to check mine out too - I also have a makeup and accessories giveaway going on, so have a look at that too ;)))

Have a great day

libys11 said...

i have a brenda a. wang knock off naman! hahaha :D you look great!! :D

JenelleLevy0 said...

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trishacamille said...

@pixie dust
thankyou!! =)

haha cool! thankyou!! :D