Monday, December 20, 2010


So Christmas, and my birthday is coming up. And we sort of have a little Secret Santa going on in our barkada, so we all had to post our wishlist. Since its my birthday too soon, then I decided to make just one wishlist for everything. Hihi.

All you need to know is in the picture below :P


1. ORLY Nailpolish
- In any of the colors above. Or if you find a color you think I'll like, then why not! Colors above are: Orly Rio Nights, Poison Apple, Polo Princess, and Viridian Vinyl (L-R)

2. Make-up
- Etude House, MAC, or NARS.
- When it comes to lipstick, I love anything in pink, nude, and natural colors (MAC and NARS are a preference for this)
- I like my blush in peach colors (NARS Orgasm!!)
- Etude House for my mascara. The one I use is Code B Proof 10 Mascara (and its the only one I'll EVER use! so if youre getting me mascara get me this one :P)
- Liquid Eyeliner is something I really need right now. No brand preference.

3. Dresses and/or silk tops from Forever 21
- I'm really into girly silk tops and dresses right now.. so if you get me one of them then I'd be more than happy!

4. Accessories
- Layered necklaces
- Intrically designed chockers
- Timeless pieces (classic bracelets or charm bracelets)
- Bangles
- No rings and earrings please!

5. Curling Iron
- I want one in 1 1/2" for big curls :D

6. French Macaroons
- These are available at Bizu and Shangrila and they're my FAVORITE confectionery. 'Nuff said.


Channie said...

Your wishlist is kinda same as mine :)

xx, Channie

libys11 said...

aaahh yes.. those silky blouses are on my wishlist too!! :D and im giving away macaroons for the holidays to my relatives and family! :D yay!:D

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trishacamille said...

awesome! im stocking up on makeup rather than clothes this season.. ive realized i still have lots to wear out before buying new ones :)))

ooomgg woooww im jealous! home made??