Friday, April 8, 2011

Girl About Town

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What I Wore: Dorothy Perkins top, Zara jeans, Gifted scarf, Chanel bag, CMG Shoes.

This is what I wore to my little sister's recognition day. I wanted to wear something that screamed "ate", but not too old. It was also a perfect outfit since its summer and it matched the season somehow. I'm wearing the same jeans as my previous post which just proves my total love for them. My previous school is very conservative so I opted to wear jeans so I wont have to take the risk of suddenly not being allowed in. Went to lunch after and I finally bought RO load! Haha


CHANNIE ♥ said...

The jeans flatter you so much Trisha! :) Pretty!

trishacamille said...

Aaw thankyou so much Channie!! :)