Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Perfect Pair

You know how it is essential for every girl to have one pair of perfect go-to jeans in her wardrobe? Well, this is mine. I was never really a jeans person. I hated jeans cause they had that uncomfortable fit. It gets hot and to me it just served as a reminder of how fat I was (It would be such a struggle to put them on and I just remember how huge my thighs are =))) But after reading Lauren Conrad's book, STYLE, I realized that there IS a pair for me out there. She mentioned that we just have to look for that pair with the perfect fit that flatters us, and provides us with the comfort that we need. And so, I went on the hunt for this perfect pair that she was talking about.


What I Wore: Lee/Levis(?) Top, Zara jeans, H&M Blazer, Alice&Olivia for Payless heels, Chanel bag.

I found mine in Zara last December. And I tell you, it was like finding a gold mine. At first I wanted to wait for it to go on sale (since I absolutely hate it when I buy stuff from Zara/Mango because ALL their items go on sale when they do -_-), but even after the Christmas sale, they still werent on discount! (Apparently They were a new collection so even if it was out before the Christmas sale, they werent part of it :( ). I was so desperate because I really fell in love with them so I finally decided to get it on regular price. It was so worth it though, cause its extremely perfect and comfortable!!! I never knew jeans could provide that much comfort. They're semi-stretch so it was really easy to move in them. And despite being skinny jeans, they didnt give that weird tight, rough, textured feeling.. I guess because of the material. I just love them so much because I never knew that I would find jeans that would fit me well. I'd go to a lot of shops and the jeans are always either uncomfy or dont flatter my body (or just simply dont fit me at all :|) so when I found this, I just knew they had to be mine.

LC also said in her book that its hard to find the perfect pair so sometimes, when she finds one that she absolutely loves, she stacks on them just in case. And now I'm actually thinking of that, although I'm not sure if I should get the same pair. I was on another hunt today and I found a pair in Mango which was very similar to this, except in a lighter blue.

And can I just say, I SO miss wearing (and buying) heels!! I know its not practical for me to buy them anymore (since I commute in school and all..) so it really breaks my heart not being able to window shop for them. SIGH.


CHANNIE ♥ said...

I read LC's book too! It's so nice right? Anyway, I loveeeee your jeans! I can see they fit you perfectly! Flattering!

trishacamille said...

Yeaahh super!! Hehe thankyou so much! :)