Friday, November 11, 2011


YEAH das my supah cool Collezione shirt, Maui sweatpants, and Converse shoes. \m/

Hi guys. What up. Hahahah. SO this is me behind all the fasyon and the make-up. I guess you could say this is me off-duty. Naga-day off si atey. Aheheheh. My friend took photos of me a while ago and she dared me to post it on Lookbook and since I already had this picture, might as well put it up here too right LOL.

ANYWAY, this is actually me on a daily basis (Yeah I dont look as gorgeous as my fasyon pictures when I'm in school...). I only really dress up during the weekends, and even then its not even that ALL-OUT. Its hard being all pretty and fashionable in school cause its forever hot. Na-wawapoise ka lang so might as well be wapoise to begin with HAHAHAH. I look forever skwating in school I swear. (Which is a good thing, I think. Because just today I found out that I have a rich-kid hater terror professor. She CRAZILY SHOUTED at us, NOTE, in our FIRST OFFICIAL day of class and right after she asked who drinks at Starbucks... cause she wanted to know how much the coffee there was as a point of discussion. No one raised their hands.... and she was trying to get ANY of us to admit that they did... but no one did. So I decided to just stay quiet and hide in my shell).

Its funny though, how I can dress up so differently. There are some times when I feel like dressing up in school so I go all pretty and glammed up with matching make-up. People probably find it weird to see me all dressed up one day and looking like basahan (rags) the next. They probably have a hard time judging me too. Maarte ba to? High-maintenance? Superficial? ay tapos biglang naka-pambahay so simple lang? down to earth? doesntreallycarewhatotherpeoplethink? hehe. Because really, when I do dress down, its down to the center core of the Eaaarttthhh. Pag pambahay, pambahay talaga!

So anyway, first week of school was great! As usual, not much classes. I'm taking up Korean language this semester so that should be exciting. We only received the alphabet last week and next week we're already having a reading exam (INDIVIDUAL!! :o). Guess the prof already expected that we were all die-hard Korean fans and we should have been even a teensy bit acquianted with the language. :))

Thats all for now, bye! :)

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