Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night's debut was pretty enjoyable.

It started off with a few really embarassing guilty moments such as:

*while I was in the car with my family. -talking about this girl who studied in UST*
Me: Oh so you mean she's stupid?
Mom: Gaga your dad studied in UST rin.
Dad: ... :|

..and a little embarassing but, I couldnt recognize Princess as we got to the venue. The gift was with me and I didnt know if the person my parents were talking to was her. So right after giving her a beso, I said "here" and gave her the gift without greeting her Happy Birthday cause I was totally unsure if it was her. HAHAHA.

So anyway, the party was so cool. There were photographers and camera men everywhere. It felt like a huge event (Well, it WAS. But I never expected debuts to be as big as how it was). Call time was 6 but doors opened at 8 as they had cocktails outside. Champagne, red wine, and punch were being served along with those mozarella watermelon and salmon cocktails. It was so hard to resist drinking, especially since they also had Sober Club inside the venue. I wanted to so bad, but my health said NO, NO, NO.

She also had two picture booths outside so the guests were occuppied while waiting for the doors to open.

Family with the Birthday girl and Tita Malet.

Finally, the doors opened and it was WONDERFUL. I felt like I was in the Ateneo prom all over again. Seriously. The tables and chairs looked so much like the ones in Ateneo's prom and even the decorations did. There were approximately 300 expected guests so one can just imagine how big the place was.


Buffet tables were found to the left and right side of the venue. There was also this reaallyy cool light thing with her NAME on it that was moving from one side of the wall, to the other. I was so astounded when I saw it. It was just so COOL !


The program itself was good and very organized. We started off with dinner (super good fooddd !!!) and after, the debutant was presented in the Cotillion (sp?). Aside from the cotillion, she also had her 18 Roses, 18 Candles, 18 Treasures, and 18 Shots. Overwhelming, isnt it? Haha


So basically it was a great party. Even the people they hired for the program were superb. The band, the singer, the HOST!!! AAHHH. Mico Aytano. Shit. At first I thought he was just a host then at the end of the program, he sang songs by Ne-yo and I just MELTED.


Though Princess' debut was such a big success, I think that I'm still not moved into having a debut. It's just too much preparation and spending for one night. I would still rather have a Chanel bag. :P

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