Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thrifting At Its Best

If you thought the Balmain-ish blazer I scored for 30 pesos (close to a quarter) was a steal, check this out.


A bag full of thrift finds that I got from today. How much, you ask? a total of 260 pesos (around $5) for TEN pieces of clothing.


I am loving the vests that I was able to buy. Thats 260 pesos for all of that on the table. You can just imagine how much each piece cost.

The whole thrifting thing really excites me. I was so proud I was able to buy all of those for so CHEAP! Not only that, but all thrifted items are unique. Every single piece has its own story and its own statement. Just like this favorite piece of mine:


When I saw this vest, I was just like, OMG. I HAVE TO GET THAT no matter how much it is! And apparently, it was pretty cheap. So I got it. Along with all the other vests. This favorite vest of mine is really interesting. Its very retro and feminine at the same time. I actually examined it when I got home and I kind of got a bit freaked out because of the doll faces on the cloth (they reminded me of Sto. Nino) which made me not like it as much, but it would still have to be my number one favorite from everything I got from today.

So what else happened on this lucky day?


We finally went to Robinsons Manila after how many times of postponing our trip there. Its been so long since I last went there. I used to go there ALL the time because my mom worked in Court of Appeals which was right in front of Robinsons. As you can see, its much bigger now. This picture is actually the new wing wherein one can find all the high end shops such as Marks and Spencer, Aldo, Topshop, Topman, Dorothy Perkins, and Mango. Okay, so they're not designer brands, but compared to the old wing which had People are People, Bench, Tomato, YRYS, Penshoppe, and the tiangges, the new wing is obviously so much better.

We chanced upon Rustans and apparently, the Rustans there turned into the Red Tag Rustans. Exactly what is Red Tag Rustans?


Its a branch of Rustan's where all the sale items that never get bought in the other branches go. MEANING up to 70% off all year round with all the designer items you can possibly buy. Casual items such as CROCS and MELISSA shoes are also available on sale. Crocs go down to 729 pesos while the cheapest Melissa I was able to find was down to 1k. Clothes also range from Mavi shorts worth 599, LUNA dresses at 50 off, Heatherette tops for 199 at the cheapest, Sinequanone clothes at 50 off, and a ton of Billabong stuff for 20 off. ALSO, their shoes were on the BIGGEST SALE EVER. LUNA and RRED shoes went down from 3450 pesos to 999 and some even for 799! And no they werent those lame old style shoes. One was actually a design I wanted before but my feet are too wide for them. There were also Steve Madden shoes for 799. Haha. I know. You already wanna go there. Like, now. :P

Well, I guess thats all I can feed this blog for today. The ACET's coming up and I gotta get ready. Wish me goodluck, everyone! CIAO!


iamhaidrofilik said...

OMG girl! i'm just totally jealous with all the vests you were able to acquire! everything were just pure love.

trishacamille said...

Aww thanks! I love them as well, not to mention their very affordable prices!