Saturday, December 26, 2009

Somebody To Love

Paris, France to Michigan
London town and through Berlin
I can’t believe this place I’m in
Everywhere and back again

Porcelain and China dolls
Give me one and I’ve seen them all
Got my back against the wall
Wonder where I’ll be tomorrow?

But wait, now how long could this take?
It’s hard to find a man,
When you’re gone before he wakes.

I search around the world
But I can’t seem to find
Somebody to love

I know it's hard to achieve but

Can't a girl believe?

A little editorial shoot I did with my little sister on Christmas day. Credits to Leighton Meester's song, Somebody To Love, for the lyrics.


Philip said...
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Philip said...

Hi Trish. You're a good photographer. Your photos are always great. What kind of camera do you own? I need one haha

trishacamille said...

Thanks Philip! I own a Nikon D40. Its a really good SLR especially since its pretty cheap compared to the other models out there. It's also smaller than the other SLR's so its really easy to bring around and store in any bag! :D

iamhaidrofilik said...

wow! i'm loving the pics. red lips suits you. happy holidays! :)

trishacamille said...

aw thankyou!! :)