Saturday, December 12, 2009


"It’s funny how some people think that everything revolves around them to the point that they would really make an extra effort to bash and to talk shit about others.

What’s even worse is that I considered these people friends and I was there to support, to listen and do everything else I need to do because that’s the way a friend should be right? I tried my best to take it all in and accept that some people are just wired that way but sometimes, it inevitably affects you and eats you. But I guess, I should be thankful that I found out about it now rather than go on, facing these people who are nothing but two faced bitches."

-Lissa Kahayon, Chictopia

Lissa Kahayon from Chictopia totally got how I am feeling right now about certain people. Her message on her blog was just so strong that I just had to repost it. I guess for once I just had to stand up for myself because I know that I cant let people keep on thinking what they think about me. The past how many weeks had so much drama in them and I know that up to now, even though we tried fixing it, there are still hard feelings and that there is still no trust.

This blog is just for me to say that I have been nothing but a good friend to the people I love and it sucks to have these people think so wrong of me. And yes, I am defending myself now in front of those who have gotten the wrong information about me. For those who actually BELIEVED what was being spread last time and for those who put so much MALICE into it, I really feel bad for you because it just shows how much you dont know me. After all these years of being my friend and/or batchmate you dont trust me enough to know that I am not that kind of person.

To those who still dont trust me after this, I just have one favor to ask. Dont be plastic to me while talking about me behind my back because I'd definitely rather have you just not talking to me at all. I am nothing but REAL and honest. Finally, to those who dont even know the whole story, please, dont judge.

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