Friday, December 11, 2009


I knew that it would be too late for me to upload my wishlist next week so I'm doing it now even if its the week before exams. It really sucks that exams have to be before the Christmas vacation but ah, whatever. Atleast we'll get everything over with.

Not much on my wishlist this year. I'm really intending to buy the jeans and the body myself but I'm just waiting for it to go on sale after the holidays. Trust me, getting them on full price for Christmas will really make you regret it when the holidays are over cause they go half off.

(all items above are available in the Phils except for the rings)

1. Folded & Hung acid wash jeans
2. Smashbox nude lipstick, NARS eyeshadow in blue&electric green / any interesting make-up
3. Starbucks REUSABLE plastic tumbler
4. A bunch of random accessories from rings, to belts, to bangles. I specifically loovee plastic toy rings made out of the weirdest things :) Belts are also very much wanted since I barely have any :(

and last but not the least, Topshop leopard body as worn by CL.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I hope for all your wishes to come true this Christmas =)

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