Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting The Year In Color


My first outfit post for 2010! I'm sorry if the pictures are blurred. My sister, mom, and househelp all have unsteady hands when it comes to these things. The natural light in the house wasnt enough either which explains the outcome of the pictures.

I wanted to wear something really fashionable today since it is after all my FIRST outfit post for the year. Sadly, I overthought things which is why I ended up dressing up casually instead. Well, I guess it's fine for a day at the mall.

Admission results to De La Salle also came out today and I was accepted in my 1st choice which was BS Entrepreneurship. At first I didnt even know what it was and I had to search it since it said "BS-ENT". I guess I just didnt really care that much when I wrote it down in my application form.

Even though passing DLSU may seem like such a small thing for others, I am still very thankful to God because he has secured me with a future. I will still keep on praying for my acceptance in the other schools,though --most especially to the University of the Philippines since my whole family is expecting me to pass. But anyway, I leave it all up to God in the end. As I've said before, he knows what is best for all of us and he's always there for us. Whatever his choice for me, I will accept wholeheartedly. I trust him with all his decisions and I will also respect them. I guess for now, I can be contented and say, "atleast I already have a college." Thanks again God. You know I'm doing this not only for myself and my family, but also for you. =)

What I Wore: Shirt from Terranova, Thrifted turquoise vest, Gray bondage skirt from People Are People, Shoes from Payless Shoes, Aviators from Forever21, Bag from Coach.


Philip said...

did you apply at the ateneo? sorry, i'm very bias. proud (former) atenista eh. hehe. happy new year:D

trishacamille said...

hahaha yeapp I did!! DLSU, ADMU, UP, & Benilde =) happy new year to you too, Philip!