Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Dont Do Flats


I don't really do flats. With me, its almost always either heels or rubbershoes. Eversince dad imposed that I shouldnt wear heels to the mall, I've been running to my rubbershoes for comfort (both literally and figuratively).

What I Wore: Striped Top from Forever21, Gray Cardigan from Mango, Denim shorts from Bayo, Shoes from Converse, Bag from Trove Bags.


Whats in the bag? Well, heres the story.

Earlier, I had a dilemma on what shoe to buy. I was choosing between a leather shoe and a leopard print ankle bootie. I had the leopard bootie stuck on my head for the longest time but I just couldnt seem to buy it yet since I was really bothered on whether it was too trendy or not. The leather shoe on the other hand was something I didnt really look for. It was just there, and I thought, wow, It's pretty reasonable to buy considering that the leopard boot was just almost the same price and this was already a leather shoe.

And so, I came to a decision and it was to buy both. I'm gonna get the leopard boot some other time though, since I still need to save money for the Zara & Topshop sales next week (WHY DO GOOD SHOES HAVE TO BE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE?). I decided on getting the leather shoe first since it was the last size and it was already going to be out of stock unlike the leopard one which was just a new arrival in Aldo.

Obviously, shoes are my new addiction.


Cheers to a 2010 full of shoeeess ! Yumm.


libys11 said...

yay!! finally had the chance to stumble upon your blog! and yes, finally following you!

anyway, im totally with you! shoes are totally my obsession this start of the year too!!! anything.. from flats to boots to heels. im currently waiting for 2 in my mail. and i got one from aldo last weekend!! aacckk!! my plastic cards are screaming, but my feet are oh so happy! hahaha! :D

trishacamille said...

Wow! 2 new shoes! How I wish I could easily just order stuff over the net. It's just that sometimes I get scared of doing Pre-Orders here in the country since I'm not really sure how the item will turn out & paying is a hassle since I dont have a credit card yet =(

cant wait to see your purchases though!