Sunday, February 7, 2010


Just a very casual attire to a drinking session with friends.

What I Wore: Pink crop top from Zara, Yellow tube from Robinsons, Shorts were DIY, Bag from Billabong, Shoes from Sanuk.

On other news, it was a CRAZY weekend I had. So much things happened in a span of 2 days. The good things though are that 1. My dad already knows about my boyfriend and he approves of it, 2. Well now he knows about a lot of things including my drinking so that means no more lying, 3. I already got my dorm (where I went into my future room to see how my roommate decorated her area and I talked to my future next door neighbor who's Indonesian and studies in UP too) and last but not the least, 4. ITS MY FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH JICOY TOMORROW!! =)

soo happy we made it this far.
Dad also unbelievably allowed me to go out with him for dinner tomorrow. What a change, right? I really think my life just keeps getting better!


libys11 said...

aaahh!! good news for you then!! awesome!

love the cropped tee! :D great color! :D

trishacamille said...

hihi yeapp thankyou! =)

iamhaidrofilik said...

i love that cropped tee!!! and it's in pink too, what a gorgeous color. happy anniversary. stay in love you guys. :)

trishacamille said...

aw thankyou! =)

Anonymous said...

what dorm are you staying in? :o
i'm going to UP too, and i need a place to live :(