Thursday, April 8, 2010



Finally graduated two nights ago. The last night our batch will ever be complete.

I wasn't sad. Probably because I knew that I was going to see a lot of them again the next day. I wasn't THAT happy either. Well yes, I was happy, but not to the extent of a lot of other people. I think its because to me, graduation meant moving on to a higher level --college, which is something I am scared of as because I know that its going to be so much harder than highschool. But then, maybe right now I should just probably enjoy the remaining days of summer I have left with my friends and not worry about college yet. My time is short with them (especially since one is moving to the US and the other to Canada) and so, I must make the most out of it while I still can.

The people above are the people who made my highschool experience memorable. I'm never going to forget them.



Philip said...

You'll love college! trust me:D

trishacamille said...

haha i hope! im just scared since im going to be dorming and it'll be my first time alone!