Sunday, April 4, 2010


Not much on the outfit today since I focused on the make-up. I really wanted to try on the aquamarine eyeshadow I got from Etude House the other day hence the simple outfit. I liked the effect of the shadow on my eyes. I blended it with silver though so it's not as seen. Also, I didnt have enough time to curl my lashes so my eyes give less of an impact. Unfortunately, the make-up didnt photograph well so the aquamarine seems very minimal. Looks great iRL though!


Also, I seem to have gotten a tan. Or maybe I was always this color but I just noticed it now when I looked at my photos. It's probably the change in foundation that made the difference. I was always used to the shade of the lighter powder based foundation which I used for about a year.

On me are: Body Shop cream foundation in #5, Body Shop brown eyeliner, Face Shop lipstick in Lovely Pink, No brand cream & silver eyeshadow, No brand blush in Orange, Etude House aquamarine eyeshadow.

What I Wore: Thrifted lace cover-up, Topshop Grecian top, Denim skirt from a bazaar, Skechers sandals, Mango bag.


dred said...

i love your lace top!

btw, i passed you the Sunshine Award! :)
do check it out here. :)

trishacamille said...

aw thanks!! will work on the sunshine award soon! :D

Camille Alexis said...

Love the lace cover-up!