Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jean Post


Okay so that wasn't my last post in three weeks. Went out with my family today and I was just ITCHING to wear my new jeans from Forever21 so here they are making a cameo appearance on this post. I'm bringing them to NY so you'll see more of it later on.

So I know I mentioned that I despise wearing jeans but thats only because the jeans here in Manila are so tight and LOW. When I went to Singapore and spotted these ripped jeans, I instantly fell in love with them. More so when I tried them on and they fit PERFECTLY! I was AMAZED because you just dont know how many jeans I've tried here in Manila that never fit well. I was so happy that I finally found a brand that fits perfectly. Cant wait for my trip to the States! Definitely going to stock up on good fitting jeans to wear for school!


roothiesmoothie said...

Yes! Tell me about it. I have to buy pants online, or not buy pants at all.

Anonymous said...

Thx ur share........................................

trishacamille said...

yeaah! i've tried jeans from People Are People, Folded and Hung, and American Rag but they're never the perfect fit! :(