Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blue Green


This will be my last post in three weeks unless another event comes up before I leave Manila. Sorry I look so haggard but its been really hot lately and these pictures were taken after a long busy day. I really wanted to take these pictures outside but unfortunately the rain stopped me from doing so.

What I Wore: Bayo top, Espada skirt, Forever 21 shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo bag.

So here I am channeling the new blogger-favorite nail color: blue green. It's been on every fashion blogger's site, and to name a few. What can I say, it IS a very eye-catching color.


I also bought a couple of bangles this afternoon to complete the look. In fact, I actually bought a few other accessories that my boyfriend told me to stop. I dont know, but sometimes accessories seem so cheap that you wanna buy them all but when their prices all pile up, it actually equates to a big amount of money! But ah, I barely even have accessories so my boyfriend will have to let it pass this time.


libys11 said...

that color is gorgeous!!!!!! i love your flats! so girly and adorable!

Eden said...

no worries about looking haggard at all, love, i think you're quite pretty! and yeah, that nail colour has become quite the blogger fixation since Chanel came out with the shade.. glad to discover your site btw! your last few outfit posts are love:)

p.s. hope you pop in and check out my giveaway!

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trishacamille said...

thanks! i really have a thing for ribbons! haha!

aw thankyou! oohh so thats why! pretty interesting shade though now that everyones wearing it.