Sunday, October 10, 2010

Find Your Love


I'm back! And it seems I'm going to be blogging again since its finally our sembreak and it is one month long. Over the semester I've put on a few pounds, changed my hairstyle three times, and went from different fashion styles.

You'll be seeing me wearing jeans more often now since I've gotten a bit conscious of my thighs after putting on some weight. I will do try to lose it this sembreak though (Although I ALWAYS say this but it never happens so dont really rely on it :))).

School's been amazing, that was definitely the best for a first semester in college :)

What I Wore: Victoria's Secret plaid top, Forever 21 denim vest, Topshop liquid leggings, New Look boots, Coach sling bag.


Janina said...

Asa, Trisha; you look great! :)

trishacamille said...

Aaaww janini!! That made me feel a little bit better.. but i know the truth and it is very ugly and i gotta face it. Hahaha! Gotta do thisss!

Mubashir Shafi said...

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