Sunday, October 10, 2010

Leather is Better

What I Wore: People are People leather jacket, Mango jeans, Forever 21 shoes, Gray top borrowed from mom, Espirit bag.

Wearing my leather jacket which was a (really) advanced birthday gift to myself. My birthday is on December so you get the point. My allowance was reduced by 1/3 for 4 weeks just so I can get it. Well, what can I say, it was worth it!


Channie Patay said...

God, I miss your posts! Welcome back! How's college? :) aww, that leather jacket is rockin'! I should buy myself one for my birthday this December!

xx, Channie

trishacamille said...

Aaww thanks! Feels good to be back! College is GREAT! It even exceeded all my expectations. The first sem really started everything up. I'm really hoping the next semesters to come will be as great as well. And YES, you should get a leather jacket too!! Save up for it cos its definitely worth it. There are actually reaaallyy cheap ones in Forever21 but its so hard to come across one in the store (since they change stocks so fast) so I ended up getting one elsewhere :)) Although if you have the patience to hunt one down in F21, then why not? :)

libys11 said...

well. you know.. it looks amazing.. now, im so tempted to get one for myself.. :) teehee!

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trishacamille said...

heehee thankyou! yes yes you should definitely get one!! :x