Friday, April 1, 2011


What I Wore: The Ramp top, Forever 21 shorts, Chanel bag, Topshop sandals

AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH FINAAALLLYYY ITS SUMMER!!!! I'M SO HAPPY. Well, my summer's only two weeks since I have summer class starting Apr19 but oh well atleast I still have one even for just a short while!

Anyhoo I wore this outfit to my last day of exams. The shoes are reaaaaallyy loveelyy!! So comfortable too! I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot this summer. Oh and, sorry if I keep repeating that bag.. its just that during the semester I only get to wear it during weekends (since I cant bring it while I commute to EVERYWHERE) so I use it as much as I can when I'm home. Hehe.

More blogposts soon! :)


CHANNIE ♥ said...

Trisha, you commute pala? is it Mrt or what? :) Love the shoes, and it's okay to repeat the bag, it's Chanel naman eh. hahah.

trishacamille said...

Yup yup!! I commute cause I dorm.. I live far from UP eh :( Anyhoo, I stay in Katipunan so I have to commute to school using a jeep everyday haha! Thanks! I've missed posting :)