Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back To School

What I Wore: Dorothy Perkins top, Espada skirt, Ferragamo bag, Kamiseta flats.

Wore this to supposedly "finish" enrollment, but there was something wrong with my Form5a so I had to come back to school to fix it. I got to school after lunch and I knew I wouldnt be able to get it within the day so I left instead and decided to come back for it on Monday. Hopefully it'll be printed by then so I can finally pay... *whistles*

No make-up look today. I think its cause I was rushing or something. Gotta give ma skin a reesstt.

Anyhoo! I used this title because my outfit that day was very school-girl. Plus, school's starting very soon. On tuesday, to be exact. I cant believe it. I dont wanna go back to school yet. Its too soooonn :( But sigh, I guess I have to... Archi's gotta do what an Archi's gotta do!

This is crazy, I'm already 2nd year. Time flies by so fast!!

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Kumiko Mae said...

trisha :D so cute!!! i followed you cause i read in your description that you're nice :D