Tuesday, June 7, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

What I Wore: Forever 21 top, Topshop shorts, Hushpuppies flats, Louis Vuitton bag.

Wore this to the second day of enrollment. I didnt do much today since one of the classes I needed was on waitlist and the results would still come out around Friday. I had my advising yesterday so I didnt have much lining up to do except for that one class which was on waitlist. I was expecting to finish paying at the OUR today but because of that one class, looks like I'll be finishing the enrollment process next week Monday.

Anyhoo! I only noticed this now since I took a close-up picture of it. But did you notice that the LV print on my mom's speedy bag is upside down??? I got shocked when I saw it cause I was like wait what okay thats weird. I dont know much about Louis Vuitton so I had to search it on the internet and apparently Speedy bags are created that way since Louis Vuitton only uses one canvass per bag. So naturally if its faced normal on one side, its upside down on the other. COOL FASHION FACT OF THE DAY! HAHA! Pardon me for not brushing up on my Fashion 101.


CHANNIE ♥ said...

You're so pretty Trish! :)

xx, Channie

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trishacamille said...

thankyou Channie!! :)