Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why I Love My Blackberry (And why you should too!)

(sorry for the the messy look, makeup, and glitters on my face. my friends and i were doing makeovers prior to this :)))

So this is a post about my ever so trusty-Blackberry. Eversince I laid my hands on a bb, I swore never to switch phone brands anymore. I got my first bb in 4th year highschool. It was a Bold 9700 which I've already posted on here before. Back then, noone had Blackberrys yet and I only had 2 contacts in BBM for quite some time. I remember I'd even bug my highschool batchmates just to turn their BB service on so I could add them. Now though, its like everyone has them, and my measly contact list of 2 has now evolved to 70.

My favorite Bold9700 got stolen a while back in 1st yr college. When it got stolen, I realized I couldnt live without a Blackberry anymore. So I replaced it with a Bold9000. Even though it was secondhand, it was still good for me. I needed a Blackberry. Long story but after that I soon decided to replace my old one again when the new line up of models came out. The line up for this season were the Torch9810, the Bold touch, the Torch thats pure touch, and a bunch of new Curves (Sorry I'm too lazy to search their model numbers). I then decided to get the Torch9810 in white. Its exactly like the old Torch except it runs in OS7, it has a better camera (HD video), and has more internal memory.

Its been with me for a month or two now, and let me tell you the reasons I love it.

1. Social Networks


I think the main selling point in Blackberrys for the youth nowadays is the social network. Theres BBM, Twitter, Facebok, YM!... all the possible messaging services you could want. Personally I love Twitter and BBM. I tweet everywhere! And I love uploading twitpics. Its also become pretty neat for me too since tweeting has sort of been a public communication device now. There'd be times I'd tweet 'otw to Bonchon for lunch!' and apparently my friends are there in the area so we'd just tweet each other to meet. No more text messaging! BBM on the other hand is another really handy app. If only more of my close friends had it, I'd be bbm-ing more often. What I love about BBM is the group chat. ARCHIPEEPS BBM group, you know what I'm talkin about ;)

2. Internet


So this one's a very CRUCIAL factor. The internet in my dorm sucks. And I'm too lazy and cheap to get a broadband stick so I decided to get a phone with internet instead. Precisely why I switched to the Torch. For bigger screen! Now I can surf the net anytime, anywhere! Whenever boredom strikes wherever I'm at, I just hit up the web and browse through Tumblr or what have you.

3. Media


The Blackberry is almost everything you could ever want in a phone. I've finally abandoned my iPod (my poor nano thats been alive since grade 7?) and now use my phone as my mp3. I mean, why carry two gadgets when you can have them in one? Also, since I got the Torch 2 now, I've started to add videos to my phone. Its preeeettyyy sweeeet! Really good quality. I feel like I can probably put some TV show series in here to watch over long trips :D

4. Camera


Ah, the camera. What I would do without it. Another selling point for me! The camera in the phone is something I'm very picky about. Well actually, no. As long as it takes good pictures, I'm fine. I love photography so having my phone with me at all times has served me well, especially when I dont have my camera with me. I used to be SO into photography, but theres a lot of competition in my University so I let the others take the job instead. Recently I havent had time for it anyway. So now, even just having my phone is fine since I still get to take photos of spontaneous trips without having the hassle of an SLR.

Not to mention, video in the BB is acceptable as well. You dont know how many epic nights I have caught with my Blackberry. (I've uploaded a ton of my bb videos from events on my FB page but trust me theres more than that. We have a thing we'd like to call SCRAPBOOK.... which has some of the wildest, funniest, epic deeds Katipunan has ever seen).

5. Communication


Aside from the phone calls and text messaging, theres email. WHICH DOES WONDERS. Its so cool receiving email from professors during the day WITH YOUR GRADES ON THEM. Its like you're updated right away. Anything that goes on in the virtual world, you're notified right away, wherever you are. I use email mostly in dealing with my professors. But heres one of the best things I just love about the Blackberry (that I wouldnt know what I'd do without :( ). You can email your profs any documents that you've been working on. If you have a paper due, or a powerpoint presentation, or any document really that needs to be sent... all you have to do is plug in your phone to your laptop, transfer the files to your phone, attach them to the email, and voila! IT BE DONE. Of course this is only useful if you dont have internet at the moment (which is my case in the dorm all the time :P).

6. USB


And lastly, the phone works like a usb! Well Android and iPhones also have the same function but still. Its just another addition to why I love the Blackberry. There have been times when I was in a rush and I couldnt find my usb so I decided to stuff my documents in the phone. I needed to have a bunch of things printed so I transferred the files to my phone, went to the nearest computer shop, and had them printed directly from my phone there. Pretty awesome stuff, my bb is really a lifesaver!

OH BUT WAIT, I forgot to add this.. but I also love the BB because of STYLE. Its a very stylish phone. Very sleek and classy. Plus what I love about it is its silicone cases!! Hehe. I love playing around with the cases of the Blackberry. I'm always in the hunt for new different colors. I've had the case of the 9700 in neon green and purple before, and now I use the pink for my Torch. Love love love the colors :)

All in all the Blackberry is such a great phone that serves to function for the immediate needs of anyone. It can be a camera, an mp3 player, a usb, a web browsing and chat messaging tool, etc. Its the phone that anyone could ever need ;)



CHANNIE ♥ said...

oh my gosh, I really want a blackberry. Thanks for this one Trish!

Desa Baking said...

You can pass as a member of BB's Sales and Marketing team. FTW!

Samantha said...

Hmm, good for you! It's nice to have a good gadget, right? A good smartphone has to cover the needs of its user - it's all about convenience. Having an efficient tool at the comfort of one's pocket feels great, so it's often a bummer when it breaks or get's stolen. Well, on the bright side, you found a decent replacement, so all's well that ends well!

Samantha Cole